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Quarriors Accessory Board

When we play Quarriors (© Wizkids), the cards and dice move around on the table. I have designed a board to hold the cards and dice.

We also have trouble with the scoring tokens. They slide around on the score card. I designed a laser cut score board that keeps the player tokens from sliding around.

Click on any image to have a larger version of it open in a new tab.

Card and Dice Board Card and Dice Board

The board is designed to hold 14 sets of cards and dice. There are two different sections; a three card and a four card sections. The four sections can be placed in any order.

The right image shows how the board breaks down into four sections to make it smaller for storage. The four pieces interlock together to make one large board for playing.

Card and Dice Board Card and Dice Board

Here you can see how the cards and dice fit into the board. At the bottom of each card space is a slot; a gentle press with your finger and the top of the card lifts up making it easy to pickup the card.

Card and Dice Board Card and Dice Board

Score Card

The score card is designed to hold the player score tokens securely. Each score number is recessed to there is a lip around the edge to keep the tokens in place. Each score number is large enough to hold all four player tokens.

Board Details

The boards and trays are made out of Baltic (Russian) Birch plywood. Baltic Birch is knot-free, but has "plugs". The boards are shipped assembled ready to play, in raw wood ready to be oiled or painted.

Please read the Laser Cutting and Engraving FAQ page for more details on laser cutting and side effects.


To place an order send an email to . Include a list of what you want to order and your shipping address. We will get back to you with an estimate of when we will have your order ready to ship and shipping costs.

Quarriors Accessory Board Price List

Part Number Title and Description Price Image


Quarriors Accessory Board

Includes 4 piece board that holds 14 cards and dice sets.

$40 Brains Spin Counter (Single)


Score Card 1 to 20

The board is desinged to hold up to four scoring cubes on each number.

$10 Brains Spin Counter set of 6


Quarriors Accessory Board and Score Card

Includes 4 piece board that holds 14 cards and dice sets and a score card.


Disclaimer: This is an accessory for the game, not a replacement. You will need to have a copy of the game to play. This project is in no way affiliated or endorsed by the publishers or trademark holders of the game.