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Board Gamer's Survival Kit

You might be asking yourself what is a "Board Gamer's Survival Kit" or "Board Gamer's Toolkit".When we are playing games, there always seems to be a pile or two of small bits floating around in the middle of the table, stacks of cards, discard piles. All this stuff just ends up in a mess in the middle of the table. We started to talk about making card trays and bit boxes for lots of different games when we realized what we really needed was a "Board Gamer's Survival Kit". A generic set of bit boxes, card trays and other accessories to help keep the table neat.

I do not want to tell you too much more about the "Board Gamer's Survival Kit" until we get the details worked out and have it in production. The current plan is to sell the components as individual parts and the entire thing as a kit too.

Disclaimer: This is an accessory for the game, not a replacement. You will need to have a copy of the game to play. This project is in no way affiliated or endorsed by the publishers or trademark holders of the game.