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About Prawn Designs, LLC

Prawn Designs is Bob Schrempp with full support from his wife Katie. This is a one man shop with Bob doing all the constructions, billing, shipping and development with consultation from his gaming and modeling friends.

Bob has played card and board games his entire life as well as a little Role Playing Games. He is also into prototype HO Scale trains and Free-mo modules.

Prawn Designs really got started in 2011. For years, Bob had been trying to figure out how to build a board (frame) to hold Settlers of Catan. He could never quite figure out how to cut the parts accurately and easily with a table saw, band saw or the other assorted tools he had. Then in 2011, his brother Jim ( joined the Tech Shop. Jim now had access to a Shop Bot CNC router and Laser cutter. Bob would send files to Jim, and Jim would ship prototypes back to Bob. The two started to play with designs for the Shop Bot. The designs worked but not perfect. They moved over to the Laser cutter, and the Settlers board really came together. After that almost every time Bob played a game, he thought of an accessory that could be laser cut that would help in game play. With the encouragement of him game playing friends he decided to start a small business making and selling game accessories.

Bob and Katie went to Gamex in May of 2012 with three of the Settlers Board prototypes. They were well received, and many people asked when, where and how much. Others asked about designing and producing similar boards for other games. In the summer of 2012, Katie told Bob he should buy a laser cutter. It would speed up development and aid in production, Prawn Designs was born. They started the paper work to make the company official. The laser arrive in October of 2012 and the first product (Hex Board Style 1) was a reality and started shipping.

 In May of 2013 Bob took his prototype of the Hex Board Style 2 to Gamex 2013. Players really liked the way it worked so much that someone bought the prototype board.

Bob is also an into prototype model trains. He started to see many uses in the prototype model train hobby where the laser cutter would be useful.

Bob wants to thank the members of the 8th Street Arcade gaming group for play testing and acting as consultants on designs and ideas for new accessories: Troy, Blu, Sean, Harmony, Matt, Grant, Nat and James.

I want to send a special giant thank you to my brother Jim at Without Jim's help making prototypes at the Techshop, Prawn Designs never would have happened. 

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If you any questions about any of our products, drop us an email,, and we will contact you as we progress on that product. We will never share or sell your email address.

Check us out on Facebook ( for information on the latest things we are working on. We also welcome customers images and feedback on our Facebook page.


To place an order send an email to . Include a list of what you want to order and your shipping address. We will get back to you with an estimate of when we will have your order ready to ship and shipping costs.